Digital Signature (DSC)

DSC – Class 3 – Only Signing & Signing + Encryption

DSC – Class 4

What is DSC in digital signature?

Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) are the electronic version of physical or paper certificates, only digital.

Who can apply for DSC?

All Indian citizens who want to purchase Digital Signature Certificates (DSC) through “Aadhaar Paperless Offline e-KYC” or “PAN” are eligible for this. In India, eMudhra is a Certifying Authority that grants Digital Signature Certificates for a wide range of use cases that the Indian government has specified.


Why DSC is required?

Why is a Digital Signature Certificate required? Your identity is electronically authenticated with a Digital Signature Certificate. Using a Digital Signature Certificate to ensure complete anonymity of the information transferred, it also offers you a high level of protection for your online transactions.

How digital signature works?

The way digital signatures function is by demonstrating that a digital message or document hasn’t been altered—intentionally or accidentally—since it was signed. By creating a distinct hash of the message or document and encrypting it with the sender’s private key, digital signatures do this.


Where is digital signature used?

 Digital signatures are a regular component of most cryptographic protocol suites and are widely used in financial transactions, software distribution, contract management, and other scenarios where it’s critical to identify fraud or manipulation.

DSC – Class 3 – Only Signing & Signing + Encryption

What is Class 3 signing with encryption?

Documents can be signed using a Class 3 Signing DSC, and when they are transmitted online, encryption ensures the security of the signed document. Until the documents reach their intended destination, they are protected by encryption.

DSC – Class 4

What are the classes in DSC?

Types of DSCs

Put a sign. Sign Certificates can be used to encrypt documents and sign them. To encrypt files, papers, or other private and sensitive data, one can utilize an encryption certificate.

Sign and Encrypt. …

Class 1 Certificates. …

Class 2 Certificates. …

Class 3 Certificates.

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